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Say NO to Palm Oil Sticker compostable corn starch wrapping

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  • Support NO PALM OIL 
  • Suitable on laptops, phones, post box etc.
  • Wrapping made from compostable & bio-degradable corn starch plastic
  • 10% of profits donated to Orangutang Foundation 
  • Sticker dimensions: 7cm x 8cm


The moment I saw this little guy I just fell head over heels in LOVE!

Orangutangs are on the WWF's critically endangered list as their rainforest homes are destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations. 2,000- 3,000 Orangutangs are killed every year and only 50,000-65,000 are currently left in the wild. They certainly face extinction in 10-15 years time if palm oil harvesting & logging is not stopped. 

Many daily bathroom products also contain palm oil such as soaps, shampoos & toothpaste. Because of the harvesting process, it is even difficult to know where sustainably sourced palm oil comes from & what damage it is causing. Raise awareness & support NO PALM OIL today and help save our amazing primates from extinction. 

The wrapping is made of corn starch and is 100% bio-degradable. Please keep out of direct sunlight. 


Design by the wonderfully talented illustrator Liina Lember ♡