Mouthwash Tablet Refill English Peppermint 720 Tablets - BioBunnies
Mouthwash Tablet Refill English Peppermint 720 Tablets - BioBunnies

Mouthwash Tablet Refill English Peppermint 720 Tablets

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  • Fluoride-free, SLS free & glycerin-free 
  • Compostable paper refill box 
  • PETA cruelty-free certified 
  • Vegan certified 
  • Box made from compostable craft paper & vegetable ink
  • 720 tablets - 1 year supply 

These mouthwash tablets are made from entirely natural and non-toxic ingredients. The Fluoride, Glycerin and SLS free formula helps to restore a healthy pH balance to your mouth, maintain good oral health and freshen your breath. 

Flavoured with organic Spearmint oil, these eco-friendly tablets, that you add to water, are ideal for everyday use and travel.

How to use mouthwash tablets: Place 1 tablet in a glass with around 10ml of water and allow tablet to completely dissolve. Gargle for at least 30 seconds, then spit out without rinsing.

Jar not included.  


About Georganics:

Georganics operate from a beautiful converted barn right in the countryside. They work with local suppliers and the small, dedicated team continue to make all Georganic products on site. They started with the goal of creating a full natural oral care range which is 100% cruelty-free, plastic-free and environmentally sustainable. The team believe that it's unnecessary to use harsh chemicals to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Instead, they use ingredients from pure, organic sources which are safe for everyone and in line with ethical principles. From the ingredients they source and use, the zero-waste approach to packaging, to 100% transparency in all manufacturing processes, their simple but strong set of values is a commitment to the highest quality and lowest possible impact. All Georganics packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable, they source ingredients from local suppliers and manufacture all products in England. 

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate^, Tartaric Acid^, Citric Acid^, Mentha Piperita Oil*, Sodium Benzoate^, Colourings*^, Menthol^, Thymol^, Limonene*^. *Organic, ^Natural.