Dry Shampoo Clean Cotton - BioBunnies
Dry Shampoo Clean Cotton - BioBunnies
Dry Shampoo Clean Cotton - BioBunnies
Dry Shampoo Clean Cotton - BioBunnies

Dry Shampoo Cotton

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  • Natural dry shampoo
  • Quick oil-absorbing
  • Fresh scent 
  • Vegan & cruelty free 
  • Zero waste paper bag refills 
  • 100g (approx. 3 months using twice daily) 


Puremetics Cotton dry shampoo will leave your hair looking fresh and smelling like clean & newly washed linen! For those mornings when you're rushed, the festival season, you simply don't have time to wash your hair day-to-day or maybe you just want to give your hair a break from too much shampooing, this all-natural dry shampoo is perfect as a quick oil-absorbing solution!

The quick refresher dry shampoo powder will make your hair fresh quickly again by absorbing grease & leave a lovely fresh scent for you (and others!) to enjoy. 

With the vegan and plastic free dry shampoo, you save time & the planet! And what we really love with the Puremetics dry shampoo range, is when you're done you can simply order a dry shampoo refill that comes in a simple brown paper bag- truly beautiful for us & the planet.


HOW TO USE PUREMETICS DRY SHAMPOO: Just sprinkle some powder on the palm of your hand, rub hands together, apply to the greasy hair parts/ roots and then brush through the hair. Repeat until the hair is light, fluffy and smelling great once again! Then wash hands. Do not sprinkle on clothes - otherwise, just blow lightly, do not rub.

How to store dry shampoo: Store in a dry and dark place in the original packaging.



About Puremetics:

Puremetics believe no animal should suffer for our care. Therefore, they create exclusively vegan products with only natural ingredients. They don't turn a blind eye to plastic which is why  their packaging is made of recycled, sustainable and biodegradable materials. Puremetics produce green cosmetics with love for detail and the environment. This means that Puremetics deliberately avoid ingredients that are demonstrably harmful to people and the environment and use green alternatives. Cosmetics should be fun, smell great and keep us beautiful as long as possible. With these high standards in mind, Puremetics create new recipes every day and combine long-established natural ingredients with modern knowledge.