Where do you source your products from?

BioBunnies strives to bring natural, organic & eco-friendly products that we love to one site by spending a lot of time researching products, brands & companies within Europe (and eventually worldwide) & selecting only the best for our customers! Those handpicked products are from companies, family businesses & individuals that care and share the same vision & ethos as we do. We would also love to connect with more Berlin-based businesses & suppliers to be able to keep things local too. So please drop me an email as I would love to hear more about what you do!  


How do I know I can trust these products?

One of the reasons I started BioBunnies was due to the constant frustration of 'greenwashing' whereby products claim to be natural or organic. Manipulative marketing coupled with a lack of regulations within the natural & organic beauty industry means that disloyal companies can get away with duping customers time & time again at the cost of our health & our planet.

At BioBunnies we are committed to avoiding anything harmful to you, our animals or the planet. We promise that every product we source will be loving made by passionate companies who share the same ethos, offering our customers full transparency & opting for as many independently certified natural & organic products as possible. If ever you do spot an ingredient that doesn't fit with our zero toxin policy then please be sure to let us know so we can change this! 


What packaging do you use?

Our mantra: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We have joined the war on plastic and as a result, you will never ever receive any orders wrapped, filled or stuffed with the dreaded stuff! As you know we are dedicating all our efforts to being as eco-friendly as possible, therefore we try to keep all packaging to an absolute minimum. The packaging that we do use will be recyclable or reusable, and much of which is already reused from our supplier's plastic-free shipments. We don’t use sellotape but paper-based parcel tape that can be recycled and is biodegradable. We will continue to source second-hand packaging materials- old newspaper, magazines, junk mail etc. and be as creative as possible- which is way more fun for us & our environment!


What can I do with my reusable jars, packaging & containers?

Now it's time for you to get creative! Candle holders, plant pots, plant or DIY cleaner spray bottles, making your own beauty products, refills & if that's not enough inspiration, check out Pinterest for some amazing ideas on how you can re-use your jars! Join the war on plastic by helping us to eliminate single-use plastic !

If you do get creative I would love to see your ideas so please feel free & tag us on the Insta @biobunnies_beauty so together we can inspire others to turn trash into treasures! 


What does it mean to be 100% cruelty-free?

Upon starting this journey it became apparent that a number of cruelty-free products that I could purchase from natural cosmetic shops were sadly (and shockingly!) owned by parent companies that continue to test on animals. The majority of these mainstream multinational companies that they have chosen to sell out to, more often than not, couldn't be further from the organic principals, ethical standards & cruelty-free commitment of said brands. Of course, we understand that by supporting cruelty-free brands you are making your consumer choice heard but ultimately this money will return back to parent companies to continue to fund the inhumane torture of animals. 

That is why at BioBunnies we will only be sourcing & investing our time, money & love into providing our customers with 100% cruelty-free brands.     


How can I make a difference?

Here at BioBunnies, we want to be able to be apart of a community that works together to become a collective force to fight against animal cruelty, single-use plastic, unsustainable practices & the use of toxic ingredients that are harmful to us & our planet. 

By boycotting brands and expressing your values through your purchasing power you will make a difference! We've researched ethical products so that you can make choices that matter to you, such as being vegan or leading a zero-waste lifestyle. Check out our collections to find which products suit you. You've already made a huge difference by making these conscious decisions and collectively we can spread the message & our vision to make the changes we want to see in us & the world.   


Can we be friends?

Yay we certainly can! Follow us on: 

Instagram: @biobunnies_beauty

Facebook: BioBunnies


If you have any further feedback or questions then please don't hesitate to contact me at - I would love to hear from you!