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Love Your Skin. Love Our Planet.

BioBunnies explains why supplying their customers with environmentally friendly products from trusted partners is at the heart of their mission.


Some already established conscious consumers have their eyes wide open to the ugly side of beauty, an industry that beyond the facade of glitter and glitz creates high volumes of products that contain ingredients that are extremely harmful to our skin. What’s more, when we use toxic cosmetic products, we are not only harming ourselves, but our planet.


A potent cocktail of toxic ingredients (and unfortunately I’m not talking about the good ol’ Berlin Mexikana shot kind) are contained in all non-natural cosmetics. Ingredients that go on a journey of destruction, destroying aquatic organisms as well as harming fish, birds, plants and wildlife, creating widespread water and soil contamination all wrapped up in ‘pretty’ packaging that creates a disturbing level of waste. Those in-the-know conscious consumers take steps to ensure they are not contributing to these by searching for toxic free cosmetics, reading labels and reducing their level of daily waste. But what do the large majority of us do to really make a difference? Not because we don’t care about our world, personally I have been deeply concerned at the current state of the planet for a while now, but maybe because it all just feels so overwhelming, we don’t feel like we can really make a change in a battle that already feels lost. Afterall, how can I possibly combat such huge levels of environmental and wildlife toxicity on my own? That is, without going back to my Jungle Book Mowgli younger years (read my blog post The BioBunnies Tale to be in the know of all the inside jokes!). The answer is by using truly organic and natural products you can make a difference, but together as a collective WE can make a big one.


So for those readers who are unaware, as I was only months ago, of how mainstream makeup products are wrecking our planet here are some heart wrenching reasons why:


Global Environmental Pollution.


Non-natural makeup and cosmetic products consist of nasty concoctions of multiple synthetics, parabens and petrochemical ingredients that are highly disruptive to ecosystems. When these damaging chemicals are rinsed from our bodies straight down the plug hole, they slowly but surely filter their way into our oceans, lakes, rivers and water systems. These chemicals do not decompose but instead hang out in our waterways and soil for an extremely long time, poisoning our planet and infecting not only our marine life but wildlife too, as the polluted water works it way through a cycle of contamination. The result of removing our toxic makeup, this seemingly harmless action that so many of us do day in day out, has caused drastic effects on aquatic organisms by preventing the growth of phytoplankton (the first link in the foodchain and vital in carbon cycling via photosynthesis), killing fish, insects, causing mutations in amphibians and ultimately altering the biochemistry of marine life and aquatic plants. Our ecosystems can’t survive without clean water and healthy soil and neither can we.


Unsustainable Farming and Mining.


The latest ‘hype’ in natural products has seen a surge in companies who have cottoned on to the emerging changing consumer habits of choosing natural products over toxic ones. However, this has lead to money hungry, untrustworthy companies adding a few natural substances here and there to other nasty chemicals and slapping a bio, organic or natural label on as many products as they possibly can. (Check out my blog post Don’t Get Pricked by “Natural” Products to find out more). Fat cat companies continue to exploit the ‘Go Green’ ethos to  manipulate their sales and increase their profit margins. Like anything on a mass manufacturing scale, they want their ingredients quick, cheap and in vast quantities . As a result the demand for natural ingredients increases and so does the misuse of our planet and people. As mass farming and mindless mining increase, so do the use of pesticides and unethical labour methods. Natural ingredients somehow go from having any sense of natural about them and when unsustainable practices are carried out over and over again, exhausting all non-renewable natural resources, our planet and ecosystems are once again compromised.


Life is Plastic. But Really Not Fantastic.


The huge amount of plastic waste caused by cosmetic products is insane! Often products are made from thick, hard, durable plastic (kinda need to be after being filled with toxic chemicals) that are not able to be recycled or reused. So once it is thrown out it lives its life for hundreds of years amongst the growing landfills of plastic that are the unbreakable mountains that haunt my dreams.


Take The Power Back.


But cheer up my lil Biobunnies, it’s not all doom and gloom on the human front! People are realising every action has a reaction and we can’t exist without clean water, healthy soil and this global invisible bubble that keeps us breathing. Which means people are increasingly looking into what they are buying and if their purchases meet their own conscious consumer code. Simply by making this choice to change your consumer habits, people are empowering themselves by letting their purchases show the world that they do care and want to be a part of a collective movement that makes a difference to themselves and our planet. To quote one of my all-time favourite Rage Against the Machine songs “We gotta take the power back”.


Armed with the most ethical retail model possible, a witty blog and a whole lotta compassion, BioBunnies wants to aid in making this transition as easy as possible for consumers; while promoting change by raising awareness of how mainstream cosmetic products are seriously damaging our bodies and our environment. We will strive to provide both our established and new-to-the-scene conscious customers with solutions to this problem because by no means does supporting natural, cruelty free and eco friendly products mean you have to sacrifice high performing and divinely delicious cosmetic products!


So please join us on this journey of collective consciousness by not only supporting cruelty-free but natural and eco-friendly brands too.   


Photo Credit: Jan Phoenix

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