Shaving Soap Unisex - BioBunnies
Shaving Soap Unisex - BioBunnies
Shaving Soap Unisex - BioBunnies

Bio Shaving Soap For Women & Men

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  • Olive & coconut oil for a soothing effect
  • Shea butter to soften the skin
  • Melissa, sage & eucalyptus essential oil for a fresh scent
  • Vegan & soap without palm oil
  • Natural cosmetic 
  • Packaging: recycled paper 
  • 100g

This wonderfully high-quality handmade bio shaving soap is the perfect zero waste accompaniment to your safety razor.

Create an excellent foam that will protect & moisturise your skin, while enjoying the wonderful natural zesty scent from the lemon melissa essential oils. 

A shaving soap that helps provide a smooth shave by actively foaming & moisturising the skin. A bio shaving soap for women & men. 

How to use solid shaving soap:  lather with between palms or with a shaving brush and apply to the areas to be shaved. Rinse well.

Shaving soap how to store: make sure to dry your soaps between use by placing them on a loofah round. For travel, you can store them with a loofah round & tin

Ingredients:  olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter, essential orange, sage and eucalyptus oil.

About Plantbase:

Plantbase are a start-up from Hanover and with their natural cosmetic products we exclusively rely on plastic-free, vegan, handmade and certified alternatives - without animal testing. Plantbase have a vision: to give people access to honest, ethical, high-quality natural cosmetics that everyone can afford. We stand for 100% vegetable ingredients - organic, fairtrade, transparent and authentic.