A Sustainable Christmas In 5 Steps

How To Have A Sustainable Christmas In 5 Steps

Holiday season is just around the corner & this year we're dreaming of a Green Christmas! Wouldn't it be great to give a gift that is good for your mum and mother earth? So with a sustainable Christmas in mind, we present to you our 5 steps to an Eco-friendly Christmas.


No.1 Less Is More!

Very few of us need more stuff cluttering up our homes & lives, however, we think Christmas without gifts would be pretty sad too! So this Christmas why not embrace the minimalistic mantra & gift your loved ones just ONE gift that REALLY makes their face light up and heart flutter EVERY time they see or use it. Overconsumption won’t bring us happiness just hectic shopping hours, waiting in long queues, aching feet & a broke bank balance.  




No.2 No Waste Christmas Wrapping

I’ll never forget when I was 15 years old, a close friend of mine would wrap her Christmas presents in newspaper & ribbon. My shocked face (as though Santa had been assassinated) said it all but she simply responded, “But it’s such a waste, when wrapping paper just goes in the bin after 1 minute”. Back then I couldn’t get my head around it, but 15 years later nothing makes me happier than the thought of zero waste gift wrapping! 

With the use of a few plastic-free gift wrapping ideas & natural decorations, you can make gifts look pretty & original. 

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Use old newspaper, or get creative & look for used interesting, & colourful magazines, such as old geographical, art or fashion magazines. How about old maps or second-hand picture books? Once you start realising all the awesome reusable gift wrapping materials, your creativity is limitless!

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Use spare wool, string, twine, ribbons & stamps to decorate.

Create DIY natural decorations such as dried out oranges, ferns & flowers collected from the forest to decorate your gift or use scarves & fabrics as wrapping paper. 

No.3 Christmas Cards Without Plastic

I know Christmas cards might seem as pointless as wrapping paper but if you didn’t know already, us English sort of have a card giving addiction. We love them! But in the name of a sustainable Christmas we have come up with some eco-friendly Christmas card alternatives. 

Make your own Christmas cards by re-using the front of cards that you received last year, or even better have your kids make them. If you haven’t got time to make your own & don’t have access to a creative child, then I also like to use postcards. They can be personalised, inexpensive & plastic-free! 

And if you reeeally can’t resist that special card then buy from upcoming artists who use sustainable materials such as biodegradable corn-starch wrapping, like these ones from the talented designer Liina Lember. 

No.4 Plastic-free Christmas Decorations 

This year, let’s embrace a sustainable Christmas by enjoying quality time with friends, family, in nature & outside of the shops. Make your own decorations, let’s go old skool & make your own paper snowflakes & paper chains. Use plastic-free Advent calendars with decorated brown paper bags. Go and enjoy some fresh air on a winter wonderland forest walk and collect ferns, red berries, holly & pine cones. Get creative with them at home.

When it comes to sustainable Christmas tree decorations, why not check out your local flea market and give those decorations a second chance to enjoy the Christmas spirit. Our one-armed drummer boy melts my heart every time I see him!

No.5 Sustainable Christmas Food & Booze Prep 

Get your fat pants on, it’s Christmas! Shop your fresh food at your local markets to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging. With pantry items, start early and stock up now. When you find those mixed pickles or preserved lemons in a glass jar, paper-wrapped cookies, loose chestnuts, that special bottle of fizzy bubbly- get them now before it becomes a last minute supermarket rush & everything ends up in plastic packaging or heavy glass!

Enjoy that quality time in the kitchen with your friends & loved ones baking cookies, cakes & homemade goodies that also make great homemade gifts. 



I hope this has given you some ideas of how to have a sustainable Christmas this year by thinking about unique, simple & ethical Christmas alternatives that with the extra time, preparation & love will make your friends, family, loved ones AND our planet rocking with happiness this Christmas. Save money, save the planet & save Santa from that OH so heavy sleigh!



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