Safety Razor with Safety Razor Blades - BioBunnies
Safety Razor with Safety Razor Blades - BioBunnies

Safety Razor with Safety Razor Blade

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  • Including 1 safety razor blade
  • Classic style
  • Safety razor for women & men
  • Plastic-free packaging 
  • Sustainable alternative
  • Made in Germany

From intimate shaving areas to grizzly beards, this 100% plastic-free safety razor will be your new bathroom friend for life! Great results for a close shave with a safety razor.

Keep a lifetime of plastic razors ending up landfill, in our oceans or on our beaches today by making the switch to a safety razor! One blade lasts around 3-6 months so it will be good for your wallet & the planet. 

Find compatible safety razor blades.   

Safety razor dimensions: Stainless steel handle 100mm long. Recyclable card box packaging. 

How to use a safety razor:  To insert and change a razor blade, the head of the razor is unscrewed and the two parts of the razor head pulled apart. Now a new razor blade can be inserted between the head parts and the razor can be put together again. Please ensure the razor head is properly screwed back together. 

Disposal of safety blades: The used razor blades should be disposed of in the recycling bin or, if this is not available, in the residual waste. 

About Giesen & Forsthoff: Quality makes the difference.

Since 1920 Giesen & Forsthoff, Solingen represents a high-quality range of products.
The roots of the company lie in the production of professional tools for barbers and hairdressers worldwide. Quality from Solingen, Germany – products made by Giesen & Forsthoff. With professional craftsmen G&F still produces at the origin location in Solingen. The fine straight razors, handmade and selective, are what G&F is known for worldwide. Specialists are still being educated in the company, to pass on the knowledge and passion to the next generation and to ensure the availability of the tradition.