Soap Bars Vs Body Wash: 5 reasons why bars of soap for your face & body are better for you

Soap bars have been around for centuries so what happened in the 21st century that led to the best all natural soap bars in paper wrappers being replaced by liquid soap in the dreaded single-use plastic bottles?  


Of course, soap bar brands are still in production, but as the years have passed by, mainstream soap companies have transformed household soap bars by pumping them full of toxic chemicals that leave your hands and skin feeling dry, dehydrated & ‘squeaky clean’ 🐭.

With traditional natural handmade soap bars being deemed as unsanitary, the rise of the antibacterial soap bar on mainstream supermarket shelves has dominated, and in doing so has given soap bars a bad rep!

Fortunately, the growing trend of conscious consumers choosing to detoxify their homes by opting to buy natural & organic skincare products, combined with the rise of the zero-waste & plastic-free living movement, all natural bars of soap are becoming exceedingly popular once more- yippee! Still not convinced? Continue reading to find out why!

#.1: Kind Soap Ingredients For Your Body AND Face


Our skin is our largest organ, so of course, we want to make sure we are using the kindest ingredients to cleanse & protect it from pollutants from the inside-out!

Because so many soap bar brands have been pumped with chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, parabens & SLS, most wouldn’t dream of using these drying & dehydrating ingredients on your body and in particular on your face- I certainly wouldn’t have these chemical infested bars anywhere near my skin!

But all natural soap bars that are composed of moisture-rich ingredients such as shea butter, olive & coconut oil, are actually healthy for you, your skin & your home. Not only will they leave your skin feeling soft, cleansed & nourished, soap bars made from natural ingredients smell wonderful, are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and protect our skin from daily pollutants that we are constantly exposed to.

For example, activated charcoal is the perfect soap bar for acne, whilst marshmallow root & natural clays in soap bars have been used for centuries on eczema-prone skin because of their soothing & anti-inflammatory properties.

By using kind, natural healing ingredients in our skincare routine such as olive oil, rose, lavender , activated charcoal & clay, natural soap bars will work wonders for your body & face including problematic or sensitive skin. Shop our selection of truly beautiful face soaps here.  These bars will last a very long time! 

#.2: Soap Travel

Answer me this- aren’t you just sick of carrying heavy, space-consuming plastic bottles in your luggage?! Or worrying about liquid quantities & just how on earth you’re going to fit all those cosmetics into one little clear bag?

Not only do you not have to fear exploding body wash incidents, soap bars for travelling are just the best - lightweight & compact - they take up minimal room, leaving plenty of room for holiday goodies! (Likewise with soap bars for hair- check out our shampoo bar collection here. )

Travel tip: don’t leave them in a soggy soap dish, after use place somewhere dry so they are able to dry out quickly between uses & therefore easy to pack up! If you’re moving on quickly, invest in a metal tin to store your soap bar in & soak up excess water by lining it with a loofah round.  

#.3: Soap Bar Price, Aesthetics & Storage

For all natural & handmade soap bars, the price can vary between the soap bar weight & the ingredients used, depending on if they are organic or natural. You can pick up a natural soap bar starting from under €2,00, but I would say the average price for a nourishing bar packed with healing ingredients & botanical oils is between €4,00 and €6,90.

Not only do soap bars use minimal space in your bathroom, I just love how damn pretty they are! Long gone are the days of boring soap bars with no colour, scent & the same shape. No matter your budget, you can pick up some super funky soap bars that instantly brighten up your bathroom!

To make your soap bar last longer, and therefore more cost-effective, avoid leaving your bars of soap in a soggy soap dish! I use a porous natural lime-stone tile with a round loofah to sit on as my soap bar saver to store my soap bars & shampoo bars in and keep them away from any constant flow of water. This allows the bars to dry between uses which will stop your soap bar from quickly shrinking!

So I vote to ditch the cluttered collection of plastic bottles & opt for the beautiful minimalist, colourful & space-saving soap bar!

#.4: Soap Bar Love For Everyone!

Another soap bar myth is that they can harbour bacteria on their surface, however, studies have shown that this is not the case & in fact, there is little risk washing with a soap bar that someone else has previously used. Unlike body wash partners in crime, loofahs & washcloths, that can be bacteria breeding grounds.

Because natural & organic bars of soap don’t use any harsh chemicals, babies, kids & adults with the most sensitive of skins alike can enjoy them. And just because natural soap bars aren’t jam-packed with nasty, toxic chemicals that might fight off bacteria doesn’t mean they are unsanitary. In fact, quite the contrary as many handmade soap bars use natural, and therefore harmless, antibacterial ingredients such as patchouli, rose oil & honey.

Natural and organic soap bars are both sanitary and healthy for you & your family’s skin and you can instantly reduce the number of toxins in your household by simply swapping to natural soap bars.

#5. Less waste & Planet Friendly

Here I come back to my original question, why did we ever replace minimal waste soap & shampoo bars with plastic bottles?

All natural soap bars are so much better for our environment & planet, not only as they don’t contain dreaded chemicals such as SLS & parabens that are extremely harmful to our marine life, but the amount of waste that plastic soap & shampoo bottles create. Only a small percentage get recycled and once thrown away there is ‘no-away’ when it comes to plastic packaging. Knowing that every single piece of plastic that has ever been made is still on earth in one form or another haunts me! With soap bars, you can simply remove from cotton bag, a compostable cardboard box or paper wrapping, rub on skin and rinse - no nasties, no plastic, no problems!

Soap Bars: Back to The Future?

Are soap & shampoo bars a way to turn back time & go back to our natural and plastic-free roots? Simple answer- yes! Especially as there is a soap bar out there for everyone & every type of skin. So yes, they may be more expensive than your liquid body wash but the benefits of soap without chemicals, space-saving & beautiful bars that don't harm our animals or planet in any way, outweighs paying a few extra pounds for me.  

Our soap bar range is packed with kind, healing & therapeutic ingredients that are family friendly for everyone to use. Our Lima soap bars make the perfect soap bar present (could you ever imagine a soap bar being given as a present in the past?!)  for someone you want to introduce to all natural soap bars or plastic-free living. Or simply for yourself to enjoy, after all ‘To me, From me’ presents are always my favourite!

Our tins are perfect for those trips away! And as a final tip, use a soap saver bag to collect all of the last pieces of soap - so nothing goes to waste! 

So I really hope that this article has answered any questions or hesitations for when it comes to natural soap bars & has got you excited to give this swap a go- I’m sure you won’t regret it! BUT after reading all of this, if you still prefer to use liquid body wash, we now stock an eco-friendly body wash range with all natural ingredients, packaged without plastic (a reusable plastic pump only) & with refills available. 

To shop our full soap range click here. To shop our body wash range click here.