How To Use Your All Natural Shampoo Bar

Have you been searching for the perfect shampoo bar? Well, your search is officially over! 

Bars of shampoo are on the rise- wuuhoo! So why use shampoo bars others may ask? Well, mainstream shampoo products are packed full of nasty toxins such as SLS, synthetic fragrances & petrochemicals that go straight down our drain & filter into our waterways, soil & oceans. By making the switch to natural shampoo bars, you can drastically reduce your plastic bottle waste. So basically, the rise in shampoo bar use is great news not only for our own wellbeing but also for our planet. Yay!

So, yes, I’m super happy to see that more & more people are choosing to make this switch but seeing as this may well be your first time making the swap from mainstream shampoo to plastic-free natural shampoo bars, here are some tips to help make the transition a success & convert you into a shampoo soap bar lover for life!

#.1: Set Realistic Expectations

If (like me) you’ve been using mainstream shampoo products for the last goodness knows how many years, yes they may make your hair literally squeaky clean & smelling like you’ve just had a rose bush planted on your head but to achieve these results they have spent their lifetime stripping your hair & scalp of all it’s natural oils & saturating them with toxic synthetic fragrances.

When using organic bars of shampoo enriched with essential oils such as rose or cedarwood, superfoods like avocado or coconut, and healing herbs such as rosemary & sage- no, you’re hair probably isn’t going to be overpowering the room with floral scents but instead with the gentle fragrance of natural essential oils. Leaving your luscious locks & scalp clean, soft, healthy & natural! With no health concerns and no plastic waste bottles to boot. What more could you want, right?!

#.2: Which Shampoo Bars?

The next important step is choosing the right shampoo bar for your hair type to achieve maximum results. So here are some options for you to try out depending on your hair type!

If like me, you have long hair that tends to dry out easily, a shampoo bar good for curly hair is the highly conditioning Kur. Packed with jojoba, coconut & broccoli seed oil, this shampoo bar will nourish dry, brittle or damaged hair back to life! 

Shampoo bars good for fine hair, try out our uplifting Rose shampoo bar. The shampoo bar will strengthen your hair whilst giving it volume and shine. If your hair is feeling a bit lacklustre than this is the bar for you!

The Melissa hemp shampoo bar is also good for oily hair, or combination hair/scalp. The pure essential citrus blend is balancing and will control excess oil production making it an ideal shampoo bar for oily hair.

Shampoo bars good for sensitive scalp, prone to dandruff or hair loss try out the Orange & sage shampoo bar. The green clay will help to exfoliate dead skin cells and provide important nutrients to your scalp. Sage has been used for centuries to stimulate hair growth by generating blood circulation in the scalp, as well as it’s natural anti-inflammatory properties that make it excellent for nourishing hair follicles & soothing the scalp. 

Coconut is also a good shampoo bar for sensitive or oily scalp, enriched with coconut oil that will envelop your hair & leave it feeling silky smooth.

Shampoo bars for blonde hair , we recommend our Lemon shampoo bar with natural lemon oil that brings out that vibrant blonde colour. 


#.3: How To Use Your Bar Of Shampoo

Now the exciting bit you’ve all been waiting for- getting into the shower/tub and using your all natural shampoo soap bar! So here it goes…. (exciting!)

  1. Wet bar & apply to wet hair to create lather
  2. Run bar across hair from roots to end
  3. Massage into scalp paying special attention to roots
  4. Form a rich lather- we want to lather, lather, lather!
  5. Rinse with warm water

#.4: Enjoy and Continue your Zero-waste Journey! 

Now you’ve made the awesomely wonderful change to natural shampoo bars, allow a few weeks for your scalp & it’s natural oils to adjust. 

Finally, don't give up! Like most scenarios with all-natural products, it can be a case of testing & trialling different bars, brands & ingredients to eventually find one that suits your hair & scalp the best. So don't give up on the first bar, try something different & see how you get on, before returning back to the dreaded plastic shampoo bottles! 

#.5: Where To Store Natural Shampoo Bars

The key to “how to keep shampoo bars dry & make them last” is by not leaving them in a soggy soap dish! I use a naturally porous stone tile & a loofah round to store my shampoo bars & soap bars in and keep them away from any constant flow of water (so, on bathroom shelf rather than on the side of the sink). This allows the bars to dry between uses which will make your shampoo bar last a lot longer. Generally, our selection of shampoo bars last from 40-60 washes depending on how long your hair is, how often you wash your hair or how much hair you have.  

#.6: Embrace The Natural Beauty Without The Toxins or Plastic!

Now that you’re hopefully well on your way to becoming a shampoo bar fanatic, other huge plus points for shampoo bars over plastic bottles are that bars of shampoo for travelling are SO great and the ideal way to reduce weight & space whilst travelling! I also find that I don’t have to wash my hair so often when using shampoo bars.

If your hair still feels dry & needs an extra boost of moisture, try combining your hair wash routine with natural hair oil which will instantaneously nourish & hydrate your hair. I use the hair mask oil treatment at least once a week & it really does work wonders for keeping my curls in order, ends moisturised & frizz to an absolute minimum! Again, you only need to use a pea-sized amount so it will last a super long time too.

Finally, what do BioBunnies think make the best natural shampoo soap bars?

Our range of shampoo bars are made with organic & natural ingredients and pure hydrosols. Every bar contains absolutely ZERO nasties, translation: each natural shampoo bar is without SLS, free from parabens & synthetic fragrances (unlike certain high-street brands hmm). Not only are these shampoo bars composed using all natural ingredients, these vegan beauty bars are 100% cruelty-free- without the use of any palm oil, leaving our orangutang’s safe & swinging around in their happy habitats!