3 Simple Swaps To Organic & Zero Waste Beauty

Making the switch from chemical & plastic-crazed commercial cosmetics to an organic & zero waste beauty regime can seem pretty intimidating, not only for you but for your bank balance.

To avoid you & your wallet going into overwhelm, start by changing one thing or a couple of small things & see how you get on. If you’ve still got products to use or have just made a purchase, then don’t stress yourself, use them up & once you’re close to finishing them, then you can look at replacing it with an organic, natural & plastic-free alternative.

By starting off small, you will figure out what products & ingredients work for you, it won’t be such a shock for your bank account and will be a much less daunting transition whilst still making you feel good from the inside out.

By making a few simple switches, you will be surprised how your bathroom can transform to organic & zero-waste before you know it!  

Here are 3 swaps you can make to get you started on your journey to being a whole lot kinder to your body and our planet. 

 #1: Plastic-free Deodorant Without Aluminium

Using deodorant is a part of most people’s daily morning routine. Traditional deodorant & antiperspirant brands use deodorant ingredients such as aluminium, parfum & parabens that block your pores, causing that chalky build-up, bone dry or irritated feeling. Chemical compounds found in deodorants aren’t just bad for you but for our environment by exposing us and our planet to harmful toxic chemicals. The good news is, that there are deodorant alternatives out there that actually work!

Switching to a bio deodorant that is aluminium-free & alcohol-free means you aren’t exposing yourself to harmful chemicals BioBunnies has a great selection of natural deodorants that don’t use the traditional deodorant containers that end up in landfill, or worse, in our oceans. Many use essential oils, such as lemongrass or rose, in their deodorant recipes not only for a soft scent but for their natural antibacterial properties.If you’re looking for a healthy deodorant to keep your armpits feeling fresh all day long & to reduce the number of chemicals your body is exposed to on a daily basis, then this is a fab first switch to make!

Another alternative is to make your own DIY deodorant using a natural deodorant recipe with baking soda. There are tons of recipes for this on the internet :) .Go on the hunt and find yours!

. #2: Reusable makeup remover cotton pads & coconut oil

Making the switch to reusable makeup remover organic cotton pads is a sustainable & cost-effective swap to make. Simply pop them in the wash & re-use over & over again to make your skin, bank balance & planet radiate beauty! 

I use coconut oil (I took some from my kitchen supply & filled one of my old, empty cosmetic jars)  to remove my eye-makeup & then warm water to wash the rest of my face & remove any dirt or impurities. Our selection of reusable makeup remover pads are super soft and contain no harsh chemicals, so are kind to your skin & our planet. They also come with an organic cotton storage bag which is perfect for keeping used wipes in until they are ready to wash, keeping all your removable makeup wipes together & for traveling.

Or why not have a go at making your own DIY makeup remover pads by upcycling any old cotton t-shirts. Check out @shelbizleee super simple DIY reusable cotton makeup remover pads video to get your next zero waste project started:



#3: Toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate & zero-waste mouthwash alternative

Brushing our teeth is another part of our daily routine. Thankfully, with the awareness of microbeads & the destruction they cause to our ecosystems, toothpaste with microbeads has radically reduced. However, commercial toothpaste brands still continue to use synthetic chemicals or preservatives in their products that are harmful. Toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), fluoride & triclosan are going to be much better for your health & our environment.

Zero waste toothpaste & mouthwash in jars, such as our Ben & Anna range that only uses natural ingredients, avoid countless plastic toothpaste packaging going straight to landfill by being able to reuse or recycle your toothpaste glass jars. Likewise, our zero-waste no alcohol mouthwash tablets are perfect for not only reducing toxic intake but plastic waste.   


Go organic on a budget! 

So there you have it, 3 super simple organic & zero waste swaps to get you started. We expose our bodies to a large number of synthetic chemicals within our beauty regime every single day without even knowing it. With a whopping 60% of what we put onto our skin absorbing into our bodies, it’s no wonder we don’t always feel our best! As with most organic & zero-waste products, the initial cost can seem high, especially when compared to its high street commercial equivalent, BUT it will save you money in the long run, by being able to reuse products over and over again & those that will last for months rather than weeks. 

Lastly, take it slow & enjoy the process of a the zero waste bathroom journey! So I hope this helps you to go organic without you (or your bank balance feeling) overwhelmed!