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Our Mission:  

The cosmetics industry is largely dominated by products tested on animals, harmful ingredients and ecologically-destructive packaging . BioBunnies has taken out the hard work, the stress and time it takes in sourcing the cleanest, cruelty free and eco-friendly approved products and made them available to consumers under one love filled site.  

BioBunnies provides our customers with affordable, ethical products that have not been tested on animals (or are owned by companies that do so), contain solely organic ingredients and have the utmost respect for nature throughout the sourcing, development and manufacturing stages of each product, including brands that promote eco-friendly and recyclable packaging. By offering a wide array of affordable, bold and cruelty-free cosmetics that are supplied by trusted, ethical and passionate partners, BioBunnies will embody each brand‘s holistic approach to beauty and commit to beautiful products based on morals, ethics and honesty.


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